Self help. Getting strong.

Learning from One Another: Self help. Getting strong.

Our role: subcontractor


Co-organizers of the “Paritätische” educational center from all of North Rhine Westphalia and from different areas of self-help work were expected to try their first steps towards a common corporate identity by

  • co-operating

(i.e. devlelop and offer advanced training courses together),

  • enhancing their shared competence in public relations and event organization
  • presenting to the public as one

Project participants:

  • 41 Co-organizers of the “Paritätische” from the areas of self-help work (self-help for families, the handicapped, migrants, and people in poor health)
  • member organizations of the PARITÄTische charity alliance NRW
  • clubs applying for membership
  • regional groups of the PARITÄTische charity alliance NRW
  • contact and information places

Project events:

  • 16 collectively developed advanced training events
  • in form of lectures, workshops, tutorials, or debate groups
  • organized as day or weekend events
  • with c. 300 statewide participants

The project organizers’ supporting structures:

  • coordinating/consulting/information
  • moderating the meetings for development and organization of project events
  • advanced training for project partners

6 day events about event management, co-operation, and PR

  • fund raising for project events
  • media for PR
  • scripts and flyers about several areas of public and press relations
  • internal PR and press relations with other associations

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