From The Good To The Best – Quality in VET


Our role: project partner

Our tasks: data collection, development of a competence profile for teachers / trainers, support of 12 mobilities, use of EuroPASS, hosting a partnership meeting incl. facilitation of a transnational conference, publishing articles

This project was assessed as „very good“ by the National Agency in Germany!

The project “From the Good to the Best – Quality in Vocational Education and Training” intended to increase in quality of teaching and training in Europe. A betterment in teaching of VETPRO (Vocational Education and Training Professionals) will increase the quality of VET in general and of VET-systems.

In the „Good to Best“-project we

  • defined basic terms in VET,
  • identifyed indicators of quality in VET-teaching (structures, curricula, methods, accessibility to vocational qualifications for disadvantaged learners),
  • investigated the necessary competences of teachers / trainers on a regioanl level in our partner nations and
  • discussed how to facilitate continuing professional development for VETPRO,
  • gained an overview of the current situation of social partners participation in VET and
  • made recommendations on how to increase the involvement of social partners in VET policy design.

Here’s the ProjectPresentation .

The partner organizations:

The project supported the exchange of trainers best practice “know how” and promoted the mobility of trainers and learners. This was documented by using the EuroPASS.

Learners were involved in the partnership meetings as well as to the regional conferences held with network partners from VET-institutions, local learners and SME / NGO.

The project lead to better individual professional competences and its occupational advancement and of course more occupational mobility for VETPRO in the future.

Here you’ll find further information on our activities and results:

We developed a Glossary with basic terms of Vocational  Education and Training in english, finnish, german, italian and lithuanian language.

We developed Recommendations for governments and social partners.

The german partner PERSPEKTIVwechsel developed a (pre)questionnaire in german language on „What are the most important competeneces of an excellent teacher/trainer?“. 65 professionals in vocational education and training (VETPRO) from Germany, Austria and Switzerland answered. Here is the data of the inquiry in german language: Welche Kompetenzen machen eine besonders gute Lehrperson aus
Here is an article about this inquiry in german language (published in DGSL-Magazin 1&2/2010, p.36:

The 4th meeting in Kokkola / Finland
Quality Assurance of Vocational Education and training and Finnish Education system_Koski
Widening Paradigm of Lifelong Guidance in the European Union Member States_Vuorinen
Finish Materials_Quality_of_Education_in_VET

The 3rd meeting in Perugia / Italy
EQARF in Umbria_Petetti
Quality assurance approaches in Italy_Mosca
The accreditation system of training activities in the Region of Umbria
The 2nd meeting in Vilnius / Lithuania
Minutes of the 2nd meeting

The 1st meeting in Gevelsberg / Germany
Quality assurance and development in VET
Terminologie der beruflichen Bildung dt. u. engl.
Competences of a trainer teacher (results of a german inquiry)
Minutes 1st meeting

Additional information:
Key Competences for Lifelong Learning – A European Framework
Europass_Improving skills and competences in Europe_Biancolini (an italian perspective)

Interesting Links:

euroPASS is a free service provided by the European Union. It promotes European mobility and supports citizens in presenting their qualifications and competences within the work and learning environment. This website provides you with all the information you need to know about the europass and the total of five documents it includes. Simply select your preferred access.

European Organization for Quality (EOQ)
is an autonomous, non-profit making association under Belgian law. The EOQ is the European interdisciplinary organization striving for effective improvement in the sphere of quality in its broadest sense acting as the coordinating body and catalyst of its National Representative Organizations (NRs). Within the EOQ network of organizations from European countries and all over the world are linked hundreds of thousands of experts and companies in the field of quality.

A gender point of view for the quality of enterprise processes is a Multilateral Transfer of Innovation project, Leonardo da Vinci sectorial Programme, promoted by Progetto Donna, with the participation of 10 partners from 5 European countries: Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria.

EQAVET is a community of practice bringing together Member States, Social Partners and the European Commission to promote European collaboration in developing and improving quality assurance in VET by using the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework.

EQAVET Indicators Toolkit is organised to support  stakeholders at various levels to use and implement the set of ten indicators of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET (EQAVET Indicators). This Toolkit seeks to bring the various groups to a common understanding of the indicators, while advocating for a systems-building approach to improving the quality of VET at system and providers’ level. It includes case studies and a glossary, too.

The European Charter for Media Literacy exists to support the establishment of media literacy across Europe. By signing the Charter, organisations and individuals endorse a specific definition of media literacy, and commit to actions that will contribute to its development. The Charter thus facilitates consensus and networking amongst those working for media literacy in different countries across Europe. This website holds a database of Charter signatories, which can be searched by country, media sector and education sector. The Charter is also available in other languages.

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