Competence Profiles for Learning Supporters in Elderly Care

Leonardo da Vinci pilot project 2006–2008

Our role: subcontractor

Our tasks: development of a competence profile for learning supporters managing partner meetings incl. facilitation of a transnational conference

Project website

To initiate, control, supervise, and evaluate learning-near-the-job projects in elderly care facilities, we need a lot of competence! In our ComPro project learning facilitators (heads of nursing service, quality control managers, social workers) are especially trained to detect educational needs in their facilities and to offer their colleagues matching educational projects near the job. A competence profile for learning facilitators is being developed and will be made available online for several purposes: as a self-evaluation tool for the learning facilitators, as a help for elderly care facilities developing job profiles, and as an incentive for education providers to their curricula.

Arbeitsplatznahes Lernen

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