Academic Moderation

Advanced Training for Academic Didactic Moderation

Our role: scientific officer

Our tasks: development of a training programme for academic teachers from universities, organisation of workshops, development of the curriculum, publishing articles and a book

Department of Eduation North Rihine Westphalia/Academic Didactic Center of Dortmund University 2000–2001

This project of extraoccupational advanced training of academic didactic moderation at the Academic Didactic Center of Dortmund University is an advanced vocational training project for scientists who would like to qualify as moderators for academic didactic training of teaching staff.

The distinctive quality of this project lies in its “train-the-trainer” concept. It instructs participants not only in the didactic areas described above, but qualifies them for developing, implementing, and evaluating the appropriate advanced training projects.

To this purpose, the project works with four interlocking advanced learning modules:

  • Central advanced training workshops: Within  17 advanced training workshops of two to three days, a theoretic basic knowledge was conveyed, existing skills were enhanced, and the participants’ performance repertoire was improved.
  • Experimental teaching: participants tried the issues and methods, as introduced in the advanced training workshops, in their own teaching sessions in order to consolidate and work the acquired skills by practical experience.
  • Experimental practical workshops: During the project, all participants ran at least two academic didactic workshops for teaching staff that they had designed, implemented, and evaluated themselves, before reflecting on them in a binder of collected documenting material.
  • Supervision: all experimental teaching offers for the students as well as academic didactic practical workshops for the teaching staff were supervised.

During the two-year project span a wide range of curricular issues was dealt with: teaching and learning, moderating, debating, presenting, time and self management, multimedia and hypermedia learning environments, voice training, active learning, supervision/consulting/coaching, exams and preparatory talks, moderating conflicts, writing help and coaching, quality management and evaluation, organizational development, and possible types of events.

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